Find a partner for any sport or activity! Fit Meet connects you with other local people with a passion for sport and fitness. Whether you need a new hiking buddy, workout partner or someone to play football with, Fit Meet makes it easy.



lack of motivation?

If you need to be dragged to the gym, you are not alone. Find others like you and, together, you can motivate each other to keep up an active, healthy lifestyle. Motivation in numbers, you know what we’re talking about!


make new friends!

We all get accustomed to hanging out with the same people day in, day out. Work friends, school friends – the list goes on. Using Fit Meet, you’ll have the chance to meet somebody through a mutual love of sport or fitness who you never would have met otherwise. Who knows, they may become your best friend.


Building a Happier, Healthier Community

It’s our mission. No, wait. It’s our DESTINY to make the world a fitter, healthier place. We’re working our socks off to create the largest dedicated fitness social media platform in the world and make something super awesome for the health, fitness & sport community.